Entrepot Naval S.L. is specialised in ship supply.
The most common services are the provisioning on board the vessel and the loading of containers sent by merchant ships to different countries.
However, we also have experience in the shipment of products by air or road transport.

Supply on board vessel

Since its beginning, Entrepot Naval S.L. has been supplying goods on board vessels in port. Generally, this supplying is done in Vigo or nearby ports (e.g. Marín), but we also supply goods in some ports in Portugal if necessary.

Supply by road

Thanks to the fleet of Entrepot Naval S.L., which includes lorries and vans, it is possible to deliver to different cities in Spain and Portugal. In addition, they have commercial relations with other transport companies with which they work to send parcels to different destinations on time.

Supply via container

In the facilities of Entrepot Naval S.L., located in the Zona Franca of Vigo, in Bouzas, the loading of containers of different capacities that are sent to many countries in the world is frequently carried out. The experience in this type of supply is very wide and all kinds of products are sent (both dry and frozen) which will be loaded on board merchant ships that are in charge of delivering the goods to the destination country.

Supply by air transport

Entrepot Naval S.L. has been in charge of the shipment of some of the products it works with by air on many occasions.