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Everything a ship needs for fishing

Entrepot Naval, S.L. was founded in 1998. Our company specialises in providing for fishing vessels, oceanographic research vessels, merchant ships and, occasionally, ocean liners.

Entrepot Naval, S.L. supplies all kinds of non-perishable and frozen food (fish, meat, etc.), cigarettes, liquor, fishing baits (squid, mackerel), etc.

In addition, we also provide naval supplies, that is, everything a ship needs for fishing (monofilaments, hooks, swivels, buoys, nets, etc.) among others. Entrepot Naval, S.L. holds import and export license for anywhere in the world. In our facilities we load and unload all kinds of containers, which are sent to the area of the world where the vessels are fishing.

Entrepot Naval, S.L. has the capacity to supply-export to ports located in different parts of the world such as Cape Verde, Montevideo, Durban, Cape Town, Jakarta, Namibia, Azores, New Zealand, Peru, Peniche, Australia and so on.

The company is located in Zona Franca de Vigo (Vigo Free zone) so it is exempt from customs duty. Therefore, the aim of our company is, exclusively, to supply provisions for vessels.

Entrepot holds import and export licenses for anywhere in the world

Área Portuaria de Bouzas Zona Franca Nave 3 Puertas 6,7 y 8
36208 VIGO – (Pontevedra)
Telf.: 986 234955 · Móvil: 687 971256 · Fax: 986 235632